My Story

I'm not exactly sure what to write here, but as I try to expand my blog readership I figure this is a good way to introduce myself.

My name is Alex, I'm in my mid-20's and I was born and raised in New Jersey.  I love NJ, and miss it dearly now that I am in CT.  Thank goodness NJ is so entertaining to the rest of the country because I am able to get a dose of it several nights a week through the various TVshow ridiculousness.

In August 2004, I started college at the University of New Haven.  By October, a boy caught my attention (that's right...the future Baby Daddy Natey Poo).  It was another suitemate of mine who took first notice of Nate and had a crush. But she was shy so I was her wingman. Oops.By December we were "official" (he seriously said, "we never really talked about it, we kind of just happened...want to make it official").  We both knew right away it was love. Awwwww, right?  I am everything to him as he is to me, and he is my world!  The September after we graduated, we were engaged.  That May, we found out we would soon be a family of 3!  We were married on Halloween 2009 and our first son, Oliver was born in February 2010 and turned our world upside down.

I applied to UNH to shut my highschool counselor up. I gave into my mom, who insisted I not commute to college but live on campus not too far away.  I had insisted on living home and going to Seton Hall...until I visited UNH and knew it was the place for me.  If fate hadn't worked out that way I wouldn't have the life I have now and love so much.  Fate brought him from New Hampshire and me from New Jersey.  Fate put us in the same dorm building, and fate arranged it that one of my suitemates went to highschool with one of his, thereby bringing our suites together for a "prank war".  And if the Red Sox weren't playing the Yankees for the ALCS and hadn't gone on to win the World Series, I don't know that we would have ended up together.

This introduction turned into a love story, didn't it?  Well that's where I got to were I am.  I fell in love and have been loved more than anyone can ever wish to be loved.  (That's the second time I've come close to quoting Jane Eyre here, no wonder I love that novel).

So where am I?  Well we already established I am not in NJ.  We have decided to stay put in CT, as hard as it is to admit- I think we are here for good.  It's not easy being totally on our own.  We could certainly use help from family from time to time, BUT it is also very nice to have our privacy and independence.  Being a SAHM on my own can get overwhelming and stressful.  It certainly is not an easy job.  If it is at all possible- I love Nate even more every time he says "you work, too"... it's the best thing he could say sometimes.

Read My First Ever Blog Post.  I think I was a little more clear with my motives and intentions there.  I kind of got lost in my train of thought here.  Ooops.  It happens.