Monday, January 16, 2012

Better (Extremely) Late Than Never

I still haven't gotten to Christmas.  Here it is in a nutshell:

Oliver- his reaction to us telling him we heard Santa in the living room while we were sleeping was jut priceless, and his reaction to finding what Santa left was perfect.  This was a really fun Christmas with him.

Owen- he was in such a wonderful mood for this, his first Christmas.  He had just gotten to the stage where things are beginning to get interesting to him, so he had a positive reaction to several of his toys.

Me and BDNP- we were just so happy to have given our boys the most wondeful Christmas.  And pretty proud of ourselves that Santa's spread was all ours.  Unlike the year before, we were able to give the kids plenty without needing to use the Xmas eve gifts from family to create the massive toy drop.  AND we were so very happy that Oliver's favorite gift was the train table that Santa and his elves stayed up very late making in order to meet the deadline (because you know how Santa procrastinates)!

Xmas eve in NJ

Xmas morning in CT

And now that I've FINALLY posted about Christmas I feel like I've burst through the wall keeping me from my blog.  It just felt wrong to move on without getting this on here first.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Time flies...

...when you're having fun.

Seriously though, it does.  All of a sudden the holidays are over.  2011 is over. 

Someone hit fast forward and I never got to post all of our pre-christmas adventures.

Like that time we spent the afternoon and evening in downtown New Haven- letting Oliver walk around like the proud big boy he is, finding Santa for a family picture at the Yale bookstore, grabbing some burgers, and checking out the enormous tree on the green.

And then there was the time we decorate gingerbread cookies.  It was a train kit.  Broken of course.  We made the best of it, and it was probably better for Oliver this way.

And that time we went to the Musical Folk holiday sing along.  Oliver and I danced.  He smiled and I melted.

Oh.  And how about that time Oliver made a donation to the Salvation Army...

...and then refused to return the bell.

So all of that and I haven't even gotten to our Christmas yet!  Maybe by the 4th of July I'll be caught up.  Hopefully a little sooner than that!