Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bathtub Picasso

I saw this (on Pinterest, duh) and thought it was a very clever idea to entertain Oliver before bed. 

Bathtime is a favorite of his, although sometimes he gets scared of the tub.  He HATES the empty tub or water running in it.  We learned early on- when he had a poop-explosion up his back and we'd hold him over the tub to rinse him off... oh, HE HATED THAT! 

But I figured he'd like this, I don't know why.  I think I'm really pushing art on him and he's not buying it.  We just put a little water in the tub and sat him in there with these tub paints I made.  Shaving cream mixed with food coloring = foamy bath tub fun.  He was not impressed.  I thought it was cool.  And I'm sure any other kid would too.  Oliver just wanted his hair washed.

See, I had fun with the paint.

"Dad! She's not listening! I want out!"


Sensory Bottle Project- another attempt to keep this kid busy.

What's that're getting antsy?  Quick have a seat and lets find something to do!  (Other than go through every DVD we own! yeah that's a fun new game!)

Again- comes to the rescue with this toddler craft.

Using soda bottles, water, food coloring, baby oil, corn syrup, glitter and sequence we made some "Sensory Bottles".  The glittery one (half water, half corn syrup, glitter and junk to float down) came out cool once it settled a bit.  The "lava lamp" bottle was a bust.  It turned out more like those kids cups with the dolphins that balance on top of the water no matter how you flip them.  I should have filled it completely so that the baby oil would be forced through the water?  Eh whatever, we'll prob try again.

He did MUCH better with this than I anticipated. 

My mad scientist got a KICK out watching the corn syrup drip through the funnel...wasn't expecting that.

He also appreciated the food coloring spreading through the water.  Yes, the ENTIRE bottle of coloring.

Apparently, my son is a monkey who needs to explore things with his feet.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Keeping Busy Day 2

Today we made toddler crayons.

Somewhere I have old Crayola crayons, but I'm not sure of where they ended up in the new house (garage with my scrapbooking supplies most likely...I should really look) so Nate picked up a pack of crayons at the drugstore for me last night.  As far as I'm concerned Crayola is THE ONLY crayon worth having, but whatever this worked.

While I worked on getting the crayons unwrapped and snapped, I set Oliver up with some scratch paper I picked up at the Lakeshore Store.  He liked it, but just like when he uses crayons and barely makes a mark on the page, he doesn't have enough force to actually make a rainbow scratch.

He did REALLY well putting the pieces of crayon into the cupcake tray.  I guess since we've only done edible things in the past and he was in his booster where he eats he was a little confused and brought the pieces to up to his lips and then caught himself a few times.

I melted the crayon pieces down for 15min at 275 degrees, which is warmer and longer than the Martha Stuart site says to but the blog I found this on says they took longer (and hotter) than Ms Martha said.  I'm actually not sure if mine melted too much.  They looked ok taking them out of the oven, a little too mixed into one color than I expected and I was pretty sure I F'd up when I saw how gross the had hardened up.  When I popped them out of the mold all the color had sunk and the reverse side looked all cool and marbly.

I was hoping Little Monkey would have more interest in these than regular crayons, and that the size and shape would make it easier or him.  We're getting there.  He enjoyed them a bit.  Next time we'll use my scrap Crayola brand crayons.  That ought to do the trick.

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Mom is Going to Kill Me...

My mom hates the idea of giving Oliver sweets.  She doesn't want to ruin him.  I'm pretty sure I was addicted to Coca-Cola from birth sooooooooo.....while I don't want him to have my food issues, I let him get in some yummies since he eats pretty balanced overall.

First, I digress-

Last week was so terrible for me.  Baby Daddy Natey Poo worked soooo hard and so long, and evil me felt bad for myself.  I wanted to run away.  I wanted to cry.  I wanted to just be alone! The stress of being a SAHM and the idea of adding another on top of Nate's unpredictable schedule really hit me hard.  Oliver watched wayyyyy too much TV, and I just felt even worse about myself for it.

To correct my mood and 'tude I will be trying extra hard to keep both Oliver and myself busy.  Today didn't drag on nearly as long as any given day did last week.  So day one of keep busy was pretty successful I think.

My friend introduced me to no it's not internet crack or anything.  I can stop searching and pinning anytime I want to.  What addiction?  Anyway... she loved this and so I re-pinned and executed: Frozen Banana Bites

I combined 1/3 cup of milk chocolate chips and 1/3 cup of peanut butter, microwaved for 30 seconds and mixed it together to make the dip.

To include Little Monkey in today's activity I spooned just a litttttle bit of the dip into a bowl for him, gave him a plate of sliced bananas and some nonpareil sprinkles to add another step and a different texture.

Don't worry, don't worry....I took pictures.


Yeah...none of Oliver's made it into the freezer (in case you couldn't tell).  But here is the finished product of my version of today's busy project.  Nate loved them, and it was easy so we will be doing it again.   

Friday, July 22, 2011

Songs for Parents

Thanks to I present to you a few of the songs that represent motherhood and parenting to me.
Expect no enlightenment.  Just a few I thought of without thinking too deeply.

Baby Mine- from Dumbo
I don't know if I've admitted it yet on my blog...but anyone who knows me is fully aware I am a Disney Fanatic!  Have always had a soft spot for this scene and song from Dumbo.  Makes me sob.... LITERALLY EVERY TIME!

I'll Stand by You- The Pretenders
So this was probably intended to be a love song...and I would definitely apply this song to my husband too... but my mom has always said she thinks of her daughters with this song, and I totally get it.

If I Could- Ray Charles
This is the song my dad had picked out for my wedding since forever.  It was a super emotional father-daughter dance.

Shining Star- Dan Zanes
Love this song.  This was the only video I could idea who this kid is.

Who Needs Sleep?- Barenaked Ladies
And finally...the song I woke up exhausted thinking of.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chef Oliver

I want to do more with Oliver as he grows and learns and is able to do more and more.  So I thought today we'd "bake" some cookies for daddy.  The plan was to make Nutella cookies that a friend shared with me from (thanks Missi!) but I had no flour.  Seriously? There are 4 ingredients and of the 4 the one I don't have is flour.  OK.  I mean how often do you have nutella around.  That's not an always on hand item around here.  O well. Plan B: Pillsbury Funfetti cookies.

Oliver "baked" his own version.  He pretty much poured sugar and sprinkles between two bowls, a tray...and the floor.  He enjoyed the measuring spoons and tools.  He didn't even try to eat any sugar.  OK once he brought his hand to his mouth, but mommy said Uh-uh and he actually listened.  So when I was dropping cookies onto the sheet I gave him a piece of dough to roll into a ball like me.  He ate it.  Go ahead and mail me the Worst Mother of the Year Award.  Darn.  But who doesnt enjoy raw dough and batter right?

Shoo Fly! You bug me!

I really think bugs exist only to annoy me.  It's how they find enjoyment in their day.  I just know that they fly around me and scuttle at me shouting in a voice to small and buggy for me to hear:  "Can't catch me! Can't catch me!" or "I'm not touching youuu, I'm not touchinggg youu!" (much like an annoying sibling).

I see no point in them.  I hate them.  Why? Why, along with all the amazing creations on His earth did He include bugs. Gross.  I'm sure there's some scientific, balance of the ecosystem answer....I don't want to hear it!  Shove it up your scientific bum... There is no need for bugs! And that's my final say on the matter.

There are the house centipedes that plagued the condo...and they are in our basement (which is no surprise because there was water leaking down there and we have some moisture to clean up).  I refer to these as Demon Hell Bugs, because that's exactly where they crawled out of.  Yuk!

Beetles and Earwigs love our yard.  I do not love them.  When I saw one of these huge brown beetles in the grass I thought it was a friggin cigar butt in the yard.  yuk!  The Earwigs seem to like the inflatable pool.  When we flip it over to fill we find at least two or three of them.

You'd think those would be my biggest issue.  No.  They are disgusting and creepy but not too in my face to be  my major source of agida.  So what is it that makes me want to take a blow torch to my kitchen?  FRUIT FLIES!!!!! They drive me bananas!!!!  I rarely had fruit out at he condo.  They came from the drains.  Bleach down the bathroom and kitchen drains helped.  I bought a really cute banana hanger/fruit basket for the house...and I can't keep fruit in it because these damn flies friggin frollic in there!  The spider plant my mom gave me as a housewarming (I've been wanting one forever) seems to be their new breeding grounds now that the fruit is gone.  Gahhh I hate them!  I feel like an idiot clapping around the kitchen trying to get whatever one flies past me.  And Oliver doesn't help when he walks up behind me to join in the applause. 

I tried a vinegar trap and it seemed to work very well.  When I emptied the fruit bowl I put a bowl of water with dish soap and vinegar in place of where the fruit was and those suckers fell for it (mwahahaha!) and it dramatically reduced the numbers.  But since then they seem to be back.  Well,  just ditched the spider plant so we'll see what happens.  Gonna try another vinegar trap.  Blow torch is the next step.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Tummy Time! and West Haven Beach

First things first- Belly Baby at 28 weeks:

Courtesy of
"By this week, your baby weighs two and a quarter pounds (like a Chinese cabbage) and measures 14.8 inches from the top of her head to her heels. She can blink her eyes, which now sport lashes. With her eyesight developing, she may be able to see the light that filters in through your womb. She's also developing billions of neurons in her brain and adding more body fat in preparation for life in the outside world"

It's a little too late now to wonder....WHAT THE F WHERE WE THINKING?!?!?!  We PLANNED babies this close!  20 months?!?!?! Good thing I don't think that too often....but there are definitely moments.  Like when I realize the nursery is the perfect size....for Oliver.  That I get almost enough last me through a day of Oliver.  That I love the budding independance... at Oliver's age.  A newborn is a whole 'nother barrel of monkeys!  Can I do this? And with BDNP's crazy work schedule...can I do this solo for a good portion of the day?  Will I be myself at the end of the day? 

I am so looking forward to doing more and more with Oliver...will a new baby get in the way of that?  And at the same time... I am so looking forward to loving on a newborn.  Will Oliver get in the way of that?  Oliver spent hours asleep on my chest in the recliner.  Owen will likely spend a good chunk of that time asleep in a swing or cradle.  That's kind of sad for him.

It's getting pretty close to baby time.  October will be here before we know it.  And October will bring our 2nd baby and our 2nd wedding that order!!! crazy! Two babes before we're married two years! That's true love!

So here is how we wrapped up our weekend.  A Sunday afternoon trip to West Haven to get a milkshake and corn dog at Chicks, then walk it off on the boardwalk.

Yeah I'm kind of a whale these days.

And THIS ONE...seemed to forget how old she was and wanted to swim deeper and play with other dogs.  She certainly felt her age trying to walk back to the car and was very stiff the next day.