Sunday, July 17, 2011

West Rock State Park

Since moving to Hamden I've been meaning to learn more about the area and the places to entertain Oliver.  I've driven by signs for the state park only about a kajillion times, so after dinner on Friday we took a ride over to check it out.  The scenery on the ride over was not pretty.  There was some housing that looked aweful and trash dumped on the sides of the road (I'm sure people just dump whatever the Transfer Station on the same road won't take). 

The park itself needs some more investigation.  There must be hiking/walking trails, but I didn't see any clearly marked or maintained ones and I don't exactly want to "wing it" with Oliver.  But we did park and get out of the van to stretch our legs (we had been in there all of 10 minutes and were getting cranky) when we reached the look-out at the top.  Very nice view of New Haven and the surrounding area.  Oliver had a blast running around, so did Genie.  That old dog was suddenly puppy-like running around there.  Awesome photo ops there, so I was happy.

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  1. Thanks for this post-- I'm actually thinking about moving to the Hamden area too and have been looking at some houses for sale in Hamden, but want to make sure that I also have a good idea of entertainment/park/shopping options before I make my final decision, so posts like these are very helpful. This park certainly does have a nice view, and I love the architecture of the city too! How are you liking it there?


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