Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sensory Bottle Project- another attempt to keep this kid busy.

What's that're getting antsy?  Quick have a seat and lets find something to do!  (Other than go through every DVD we own! yeah that's a fun new game!)

Again- comes to the rescue with this toddler craft.

Using soda bottles, water, food coloring, baby oil, corn syrup, glitter and sequence we made some "Sensory Bottles".  The glittery one (half water, half corn syrup, glitter and junk to float down) came out cool once it settled a bit.  The "lava lamp" bottle was a bust.  It turned out more like those kids cups with the dolphins that balance on top of the water no matter how you flip them.  I should have filled it completely so that the baby oil would be forced through the water?  Eh whatever, we'll prob try again.

He did MUCH better with this than I anticipated. 

My mad scientist got a KICK out watching the corn syrup drip through the funnel...wasn't expecting that.

He also appreciated the food coloring spreading through the water.  Yes, the ENTIRE bottle of coloring.

Apparently, my son is a monkey who needs to explore things with his feet.

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  1. I used to have these in my classroom and the kids loved them! Now I want to go make some too! :)


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