Friday, July 15, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Bad Mommy Blogger! Bad! Naughty, naughty me posted ZERO times this week.  Do you feel so abandoned lovely readers?  I apologize. 

We spent the weekend in Barrington, New Hampshire with my in-laws.  Traveling is so rough lately.  Oliver is miserable.  Any suggestions for a 3 hour ride with a 17 month old is greatly welcome!  With our move we lost track of where the portable DVD player to mount on the van's headrest ended up.  Oh what a difference that would have made!  Oliver resisted napping so hard that he made himself carsick.  Literally SECONDS from our destination: BLEHHHH! Projectile vomit from my poor miserable little boy.  I was so busy thanking God for his timing that I only gagged two or three times getting Oliver wiped and out of his seat to finish our trip on foot.  Imagine this fiasco on the highway an hour into the ride as opposed to in my inlaws development three streets down from their house.  I am one lucky Momma!

Can you believe that in my 17 months as  mom I have very little vomit experience?  Oliver did not spit up much as an infant; even with the switch to formula it was minimal.  There was a stretch of puking with every meal as a means of saying "I'm done".  Yeah that was annoying, but it wasn't really a full vomit, so even that didn't have me ready for the projectile vomit in the car.  Oh man it was a no good start to the weekend.

We were cranky to begin with, feeling stressed with Nate's work schedule and feeling like this was the first time we've had to spend together in the new house and we had to travel.  Belly Baby is getting heavy on my back and I had some horrible nights' sleep in my OWN bed...was not looking forward to the million-year-old sleeper sofa at the lake.

But once we are there we always get caught up in the gorgeous weather, beautiful scenery, and the slow pace of being at camp.  Got some gorgeous pictures! Would you expect any different from me?!  I may need the camera surgically removed from my face!

The drive home from NH was almost just as bad.  And when we finally got home at 9pm Monday night...after two hours of crying and only an hour of sleeping from Oliver... our power had been turned off!!!!!! I was so angry I could cry!  We fumbled around the house in the dark and got Oliver and the dog back into the van and drove over to the still empty condo (no dogs allowed there by the way) to spend the night and hopefully sort things out.  We had gotten a letter from the electric company the week before that we had 15 days to send a copy of my ID for them to be able to provide service.  Well we had the letter for maybe 7 days and the power was cut off Monday while we were in NH.  It wasn't until then that we noticed the letter was dated nearly a month earlier! 

Of course no one at the electric company seemed to care that I am very pregnant, have a one year old and a big hairy dog, or that their was a heat advisory for the state the entire day...apparently turning on the power is not as urgent as turning it off.  It was turned back on Tuesday evening (at about the same time I called to ask if it as on and they told me no).  We spent another night at the condo before finally making our homecoming on Wendesday morning.  Now you know why I've been too tired and preoccupied to post!

Side note- seeing Oliver running around and rediscovering his first home drove me to tears! I was so tired and frustrated and over emotional that I broke down watching him scream and run through the empty rooms, especially his old nursery that still has the alphabet I made him on the wall.

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