Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How we spent our 4th of July

Because I know you are all just DYING to know...this is what we did for our holiday.

Nothing particularly patriotic- other than living the American Dream, I guess. After Oliver's morning nap, we set up our yard with lounge chairs and splashy pool and enjoyed each other's presense.

 Oliver isn't sure of the pool...still!  Yes it's freezing, but he has no problem being splashed or splashing, he just isn't convinced he wants to be inside of it.  But as long as I get a few shots that looks like he's having a grand 'ol time...well that makes me happy. 

Someday I need to catch up on my scrapbook!  I'm a year behind on Oliver...never did our wedding...and now I will have a second child sooner than we realize!  I will NEVER be caught up.  I take way too many pictures and make way too many pages in my scrapbooks.  Oliver's baby book is from birth in February up until my Birthday in June, with a trip to Sesame Place in September thrown in....and it's HUGE! I need to learn how to get picky...but I just love every shot of every memory!

Can you say tangent? Sorry.

So fireworks.  I think Oliver would have enjoyed a few, but of course he is in bed between 7 and 8 and none of the shows started until 9 at the earliest.  No fireworks for Oliver. 

Now, I am from NJ- you CANNOT set off your own fireworks in NJ.  We would go every year to Bunny Hill, lay out a blanket, and watch the fireworks.  So when people set off their freaks me out!  They scare me!  Not to mention annoy me. 

Nate and I are such cranky old people.  We really were made for each other.  Both of us were so annoyed by the noise of the fireworks that were sandwiching our house.  Neighbors on both side were going nuts with the explosives...and Oliver was already asleep of course, which may have exaggerated our frustration with the holiday.  Not to metion that there have been fireworks being set off by some neighbor EVERY nights since we moved here.  We closed on a Thursday and that Saturday night my mom and I were pulling an all-nighter painting the nursery and we heard popping (which of course paranoid mom thought were gunshots), and once we started sleeping here we got to hear fireworks every night.  So yeah, almost 3 weeks later...4th of July or not....we are soooo over it!

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