Friday, July 22, 2011

Songs for Parents

Thanks to I present to you a few of the songs that represent motherhood and parenting to me.
Expect no enlightenment.  Just a few I thought of without thinking too deeply.

Baby Mine- from Dumbo
I don't know if I've admitted it yet on my blog...but anyone who knows me is fully aware I am a Disney Fanatic!  Have always had a soft spot for this scene and song from Dumbo.  Makes me sob.... LITERALLY EVERY TIME!

I'll Stand by You- The Pretenders
So this was probably intended to be a love song...and I would definitely apply this song to my husband too... but my mom has always said she thinks of her daughters with this song, and I totally get it.

If I Could- Ray Charles
This is the song my dad had picked out for my wedding since forever.  It was a super emotional father-daughter dance.

Shining Star- Dan Zanes
Love this song.  This was the only video I could idea who this kid is.

Who Needs Sleep?- Barenaked Ladies
And finally...the song I woke up exhausted thinking of.

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