Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chef Oliver

I want to do more with Oliver as he grows and learns and is able to do more and more.  So I thought today we'd "bake" some cookies for daddy.  The plan was to make Nutella cookies that a friend shared with me from (thanks Missi!) but I had no flour.  Seriously? There are 4 ingredients and of the 4 the one I don't have is flour.  OK.  I mean how often do you have nutella around.  That's not an always on hand item around here.  O well. Plan B: Pillsbury Funfetti cookies.

Oliver "baked" his own version.  He pretty much poured sugar and sprinkles between two bowls, a tray...and the floor.  He enjoyed the measuring spoons and tools.  He didn't even try to eat any sugar.  OK once he brought his hand to his mouth, but mommy said Uh-uh and he actually listened.  So when I was dropping cookies onto the sheet I gave him a piece of dough to roll into a ball like me.  He ate it.  Go ahead and mail me the Worst Mother of the Year Award.  Darn.  But who doesnt enjoy raw dough and batter right?

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