Saturday, July 2, 2011

Remember me?

Hello there.  It's been a while, and I'm sure you've missed my riveting blog posts.  No? Just pretend...humor me.

We are in our new home.  I was worried about feeling cramped but we are settling in well, even with my big ol' hairy dog that we saved from my mom's house.  More on her later (dog, not mom).  I think Oliver adjusted to the house very well.  The first night we slept here we were still kind of back and forth between the house and the condo and he cried at the door.  I'm sure in his head he was saying: "For shame, horrid parents! Deliver me to my rightful residence, that I may rest in deep slumber."  Or something along those lines.  But we went through his bedtime routine and lied him down and he did well.

He is loving having a yard and I just get a kick out of him running around back there with his daddy.

While I feel like we are settling in nicely, at the same time I feel like we aren't making much progress in settling all our stuff in the house.  Baby Daddy Natey Poo has had one HELL of a week at work.  It breaks my heart to see him so unhappy and stressed.  He feels bad for not being around, and at the same time trapped into this job because we just bought a house.  It puts me in a tough spot too because I feel guilty that he takes on all the money making responsibility so I can be home with our babies.  Oh... I could go on and on here.  But I won't.

It's been way too long since I've posted to detail everything thats been going on.  And I almost don't even care to get started I blog-detoxed or something.   I went from being obsessed with blog reading and writing to not caring whether I get back on.  Sad right?  Just another example of how I lose focus so easily.  But I know that this is something I really do enjoy and just need to get back in the habit of. 

Since my last post my Belly-Baby has been growing and moving a ton.  Here is the picture for 25 weeks.
And here is a photo collage of what Oliver's been up to.  He loves having the front door to look out and watch for daddy to come home.  We scored him a slide and a non-operational quad at a yard sale.  His friends came over last weekend to check out the new digs, and he's just been all around adorable in his new surroundings.

This is Genie.  She is 12 years old.  My family adopted her as a puppy when I was 13.  She is the sweetest and smartest dog ever.  BUT, she is also the hairiest dog in the world and OH BOY! does she shed!  I can sweep the floor 1,234,567,890 times a day and still have more of her little fur bunnies dancing around.  Oliver is absolutely in love with her.  He calls her, squats down to talk to her, shares his toys, pets and kisses her.  In his mind she chases him and he thinks it's hilarious... in reality she's trying to get away from him so she can go sleep somewhere.  She is an old doggy and I am so very happy that she is still with is.  Nate and I have always said she is going to come live with us when we get a house, and we were worried that might not happen in time.  Well it did, and here she is... and in just a week we think we can see a difference in her.  She has trouble moving sometimes but she seems to be doing better and finding her playful old ways.  If only she wasn't so hairy, she'd be the perfectest doggie ever.

My mom bought this pool we saw advertised in the Target flyer.  I finally got it out for him yesterday.  It wasn't the hottest or sunniest and the hose water is always freeeeezing.  He wasn't sure what he thought of it.... he was also tired.  As you can see from the pictures, he went from entertained to unhappy in the blink of an eye!  I'd like to think it was fun overall...we'll be trying again with daddy this weekend.  He got a kick out of it from the outside anyway.  I think my favorite picture is the the top right corner one- he started sliding down and the second his toe touched the cold water he turned and clung to the pool for dear life!

So now that I've made my return I hope to get back to my regularly scheduled blogging.  I've missed you all... even if you havent noticed I was gone! (seriously...follow or comment, I'd love to know who's out there...I love to know who is checking in on our happy little life and I love making blog friends!)

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