Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Keeping Busy Day 2

Today we made toddler crayons.

Somewhere I have old Crayola crayons, but I'm not sure of where they ended up in the new house (garage with my scrapbooking supplies most likely...I should really look) so Nate picked up a pack of crayons at the drugstore for me last night.  As far as I'm concerned Crayola is THE ONLY crayon worth having, but whatever this worked.

While I worked on getting the crayons unwrapped and snapped, I set Oliver up with some scratch paper I picked up at the Lakeshore Store.  He liked it, but just like when he uses crayons and barely makes a mark on the page, he doesn't have enough force to actually make a rainbow scratch.

He did REALLY well putting the pieces of crayon into the cupcake tray.  I guess since we've only done edible things in the past and he was in his booster where he eats he was a little confused and brought the pieces to up to his lips and then caught himself a few times.

I melted the crayon pieces down for 15min at 275 degrees, which is warmer and longer than the Martha Stuart site says to but the blog I found this on says they took longer (and hotter) than Ms Martha said.  I'm actually not sure if mine melted too much.  They looked ok taking them out of the oven, a little too mixed into one color than I expected and I was pretty sure I F'd up when I saw how gross the had hardened up.  When I popped them out of the mold all the color had sunk and the reverse side looked all cool and marbly.

I was hoping Little Monkey would have more interest in these than regular crayons, and that the size and shape would make it easier or him.  We're getting there.  He enjoyed them a bit.  Next time we'll use my scrap Crayola brand crayons.  That ought to do the trick.

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