Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shoo Fly! You bug me!

I really think bugs exist only to annoy me.  It's how they find enjoyment in their day.  I just know that they fly around me and scuttle at me shouting in a voice to small and buggy for me to hear:  "Can't catch me! Can't catch me!" or "I'm not touching youuu, I'm not touchinggg youu!" (much like an annoying sibling).

I see no point in them.  I hate them.  Why? Why, along with all the amazing creations on His earth did He include bugs. Gross.  I'm sure there's some scientific, balance of the ecosystem answer....I don't want to hear it!  Shove it up your scientific bum... There is no need for bugs! And that's my final say on the matter.

There are the house centipedes that plagued the condo...and they are in our basement (which is no surprise because there was water leaking down there and we have some moisture to clean up).  I refer to these as Demon Hell Bugs, because that's exactly where they crawled out of.  Yuk!

Beetles and Earwigs love our yard.  I do not love them.  When I saw one of these huge brown beetles in the grass I thought it was a friggin cigar butt in the yard.  yuk!  The Earwigs seem to like the inflatable pool.  When we flip it over to fill we find at least two or three of them.

You'd think those would be my biggest issue.  No.  They are disgusting and creepy but not too in my face to be  my major source of agida.  So what is it that makes me want to take a blow torch to my kitchen?  FRUIT FLIES!!!!! They drive me bananas!!!!  I rarely had fruit out at he condo.  They came from the drains.  Bleach down the bathroom and kitchen drains helped.  I bought a really cute banana hanger/fruit basket for the house...and I can't keep fruit in it because these damn flies friggin frollic in there!  The spider plant my mom gave me as a housewarming (I've been wanting one forever) seems to be their new breeding grounds now that the fruit is gone.  Gahhh I hate them!  I feel like an idiot clapping around the kitchen trying to get whatever one flies past me.  And Oliver doesn't help when he walks up behind me to join in the applause. 

I tried a vinegar trap and it seemed to work very well.  When I emptied the fruit bowl I put a bowl of water with dish soap and vinegar in place of where the fruit was and those suckers fell for it (mwahahaha!) and it dramatically reduced the numbers.  But since then they seem to be back.  Well,  just ditched the spider plant so we'll see what happens.  Gonna try another vinegar trap.  Blow torch is the next step.


  1. The bug situation in CT this year is out of control! I don't know what it is, but they have doubled in both size and quantity. I am ready for the frost to scare them away.

  2. Ewww! We have the house centipedes in the spring and fall, too. I can not stand them! I've tried the vinegar traps with the fruitflies before too. Now, we have crazy ants in the bathroom. Seems a little late this year for them. Oh Well! Thanks for stopping by the S&R weekend hop. Have a great (hopefully fruitfly-less week)


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