Friday, February 3, 2012

Just keep Pinning Pinning Pinning.

Owen is 4 months old already and I probably nursed Oliver efficiently about that long.  I'm a little paranoid after starving Oliver when he was around this age.  Every once in a while I have the feeling Owen is satisfied with my milk supply and get worried.

My mom and grandma taught me to make oatmeal water.  It's just boiling some oats with cinnamon sticks and sugar.  My mom puts apple chunks in to boil with it and it's amazing.  Then you strain it and drink the water.

 I hated this when Oliver was a baby, and overcooked it every time, making a sticky mess in the pots and on the stove.  But they swear it helps produce milk.  So when Owen was born I let them make it for me.  And I enjoyed it.  And I made it myself with much more success, although not nearly as yummy.

Whether or not it did increase my milk supply like they said it would, it kept me hydrated since I fould myself drinking glass after glass of this and would usually not drink water.  And then I started hearing and reading testimonials all over the place that oatmeal is for unknown reasons an excellent milk producer. 

So recently I started having those nagging feelings that I was failing as a nursing mother and made myself a giant batch of oatmeal water.  This time I saved the oatmeal I strained and had some for breakfast.  I actually liked that too! Such a shocker.  I usually have to force down oatmeal.

So now I'm on an oatmeal kick... and thank God for Pinterest, I've found some oatmeal recipes I want to try.  I figure they ought to be delish and if Owen gets to enjoy some also its a double win!

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  1. Yum. Good for you, when I was nursing ages ago (pre-Pinterest) I ate a lot of oatmeal cookies. But you have loads of ideas here, and plenty more out there. I am sure! I live off oatmeal sometimes, and make a great pumpkin one, ooh, yum.


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