Thursday, March 8, 2012

Only a Mother Could Love...

... a big, milk-breathy burp right in her face.  (Because it's the sound...and smell... of a satisfied baby).

... a very stinky, very full diaper after a day or two without number two.  (Because it means everything is working just fine).

... smelly, sweaty, linty little toes.  (Because baby feet are just delicious).

... sticky, messy, food covered faces.  (Because he actually ate!!!!)

... snotty, slobbery kisses.  (Because your baby is kissing you).

... wet, phlegmy coughs. (Because it means his airways aren't too tight.... yeah that was a whole Saturday in the ER I'd like to forget!)

Nothing can prepare you for being a mother.  You think you know what's coming to you, but everyday brings it's own curveball.  I have to admit that I'm rather surprised and sometimes impressed with myself.  Being a parent sets you up for situations you would have never imagined yourself in.  Scooping up a tray full of vomit and sitting back down to finish eating?! What!? Pinning down a very strong toddler so that you can give him his inhaler?  I've done that?  Pregnancy and childbirth?  I survived?!?!!?!

I know I can't be the first mom to go about her business (prepare a meal, clean up that meal, play, diaper, play, prepare a meal, clean up that meal, play, diaper, play.......) and think- "So this is my life? Huh. Who'd have thought." And with a smile to myself- "Cool."

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