Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Weekend Update

On Saturday we...
  • Drove up to NH- made great time and the kids behaved until about 20 minutes to our destination.
  • Hung out with Baby Bella- got in some great bonding with our little niece!  She was in such a good mood!

  • Celebrated Nate's Aunt's 50th birthday with his very loud, large and happy family.
On Sunday we...
  • Took the kids to church- they behaved so well I now have the confidence to bring them with us as we look for a church near home.

  • Drove by the trains station to show Oliver the tracks, and to take some pictures for possible wall art for the boys room (I'm slowly making it a train theme)

  • Left the boys with their Mema and Pepere so that husband and myself could walk around downtown and get started on Easter baskets.
  • Sat in traffic for half an hour on the way home.  fun.

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