Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This was my baby's first Easter.  Baby's firsts are so sweet.  Every now and then throughout the day I would remember and give him an extra squeeze and a kiss.  And then I remembered that it was Oliver's third Easter... THIRD.  Already my little boy has been around for three of these?!  Three may not seem like a large number, but to me it is! It means my baby Oliver is getting older and older.

Saturday was our first annual egg hunt.  Super fun.  Just loved being able to spend the day in our own yard! And so happy the weather was just perfect!

Sunday I hosted Easter for the first time for some of my family.  Thanks to Pinterest, I think everything went well.  Got some really great brunch ideas and decoration inspiration on that site... all easy and successful.  Score.

My one Easter regret- 

...not getting a picture of my handsome little cuties in their Easter best.  The opportunity just never came up between me being in the kitchen getting things ready and you know... that two year old ability to sit still was just not working out.  Then Oliver came inside from playing in the yard with hives (second day in a row...whats up with that!?) and in my attempt to get some Benadryl down the hatch I triggered that insanely sensitive gag reflex and got puked on. Twice.   ::shudder::   So for the rest of the day Oliver's Easter second-best was his set of red firetruck PJs.

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