Friday, April 20, 2012

All Aboard the Pizza Train!!!

I came across a flyer for Trackside Pizza in Wallingford a little while back and thought of my Oliver immediately.  Then one day returning some books at the library, the librarian noticed that pretty much all of Oliver's books were about trains and she mentioned how fun this place was.  

So, naturally, we just had to check it out. Plus- it's not far from the pet store where we get fish for our tank, so we were able to make the trip double fun!

The dining room is an actual train car that is practically on top the tracks.  We should have checked the train schedule before going, which is what a co-worker of Baby Daddy Natey Poo suggested, but of course we didn't and I had my fingers crossed the whole time a train would go by while we were there.

Bingo!  About halfway through our dinner a super long freight train passed right bye.  Oh the beautiful expression of wonder on my little engineer's face.  As a parent, is there anything better than seeing your child happy?  It's just a little thing, really... but we love to be able to give him little moments like this.  To feed into whatever his interests and passions are and bring excitement to those little eyes.

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