Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Touch and go (photo overload!)

On Saturday we had planned to go to our town's Silverbell festival (Santa, hayrides, tree lighting, caroling, "merrymaking", etc), when we learned from a mom in our music class that morning that there was a Touch-a-Truck event going on.  Oliver has turned into a total boy and is in love with trucks and buses and police cars, and firetrucks, and motorcycles... you know... things boys get a kick out of.  So we decided we were adding this to our very full weekend.  And the weather...perfect!

Oliver dropped our donation to the toy drive into the wonderfully full bins and we were off- exploring the trucks he loves to point out on the roads up close.  I felt pretty bad with our little offering, but it was a last minute decision to go and we didn't want to be empty handed so I grabbed what I had bought as a start to my Christmas shopping for all the little babies we know.

Looks like he was all over them right? Wrong.  While we are convinced he did have a wonderful time there, he was actually not happy at all about actually going up into any of the vehicles.  Running up to them and walking around them was enough for him.  I think he wanted to want to go up, but he went all jelly-bones when Nate would lift him up into the seats and insist on coming down.

So, besides trucks, you know what else Oliver loves? Dogs. There was a K9 unit demonstration.  Nate has wanted a German Shepard for a he REALLY wants one.

And how bad do I wish this firetruck had a Christmas wreath on it?! Oh that would have made a gorgeous holiday picture for the card! Still heart-melt-able pictures, wreath or no wreath.

Owen was there too, he just didn't know it.

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