Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You Light Up My Life

Every year the Easter Seals sets up a huge light display at Lighthouse Point.  It's called "The Fantasy of Lights" (I kept calling it "Festival of Lights" until I remembered that's Chanukah).

Nate and I went two years ago with our friends and their two little ones... Oliver was technically there, but from my belly I doubt he had a good view.  So this year we were excited to bring our little big boy to see the lights.

This was a really neat thing to do.  Totally appropriate for his age and cooperation level this holiday season.  Remember, I keep having these big plans for him to get into the Christmas spirit, but the truth is he's too young to really get it.

We got dinner at Panera, Oliver's favorite, then made the ride over.  He loved seeing the lights and decorations on the houses and kept "Oooohing" at them all, so Nate and I just knew he would get a kick out of what he was about to see!

Look at his face!  Look at those eyes!  Christmas magic or what?  I'd say he was pretty impressed with all the lights.  And I had a blast watching him take it all in.

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