Saturday, December 17, 2011

Baby Mine

My baby Owen-

You are growing MUCH too fast.  The weeks are just flying by and I am amazed every time I look at you and you seem so different than just the day before.

You are a very easy going little one and I thank you for that.  I would also like to apologize on behalf of your brother.  He just loves you so much he can't help himself but hover over you and wake you with kisses and exclamations of "Babyyyy!"

Thank you for your smiles, and your coos, and your little fingers that open and close on my hand or my collar (sometimes my hair).

Not sure why this is upside down.

Somehow you've already grown so much that the bassinet barely contains you.  I asked your thoughts and you agree that Daddy should be kicked to the couch so you can take the bed. 

My little Owen, I am so in love with you.  I'm not even sure what to say here- I have too much love and not enough words!

At 2 months old, you love getting a bath, you love the view from your changing table, you laugh at the toy bar on your bouncy chair, and you ejoy spending time on your playmat swatting at your toys and looking in the mirror.  Tummy time is not your favorite, but already you are so strong and can hold your head up to look around, so that it is becoming more tolerable for you.

  I love that when I talk to you you smile. 

You are starting to watch Oliver and I've caught you flashing a smile or two in his direction.  I can't wait for the two of you to play together... but don't rush it little baby... you are already growing way too fast.

You weighed 13 pounds at your doctor' appointment, and that made me so happy.  I love your heavy, healthy little body- your rolly legs and chunky arms- and I adore every one of your chins!  I am so relieved that you are thriving so well.  With my own breastfeeding concerns left over from my experience with Oliver, and with all the spitting up you do (seriously...not fun), I was worried about you getting enough nourishment.  And you certaintly are.  AND you seem to have slowed down with the spitting up so I'm even happier.

You sleep well for me, my handsome boy.  Thank you, (it's my own fault I don't get enough sleep).

You look just like your Aunt!  I remember thinking Oliver looked like here when he was your age, but HOLY COW! You really do!  You have lighter hair, skin and eyes than Oliver, which makes you an even closer image of her.

Just for fun- here are a couple pictures of me and your aunt... it's like looking at you and Oliver!

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