Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Catch-up

Haven't posted in a while...been so busy trying to stay awake I just haven't made it on here.  So, hello blog...I've missed you. 

We crashed a holiday parade and tree lighting in Madison, CT a little while ago.  Seriously, it was such a small parade we drove about 30min for that we felt kind of silly, and I totally felt like we were intruding on something private and everyone was looking at us and wondering what the heck we were doing in their town.  Whatevs.  That's just how we roll.

Like I said...parade was suuuuper small, but it was Oliver's first parade (scratch that... he did see a parade when we went to Sesame Place for halloween in 2010 but he was like, 9 months or something so it doesn't count as a memorable experience for him).  Anyway.  He seemed to enjoy it.  There were dogs, drums, tractors, and Santa Claus... his current faves.

There were hayrides being given after the parade.  He wasn't so sure about getting on so we let him stay back and watch it drive off, planning to get him onto the next ride.  The whole time it was gone he was making his "trrrrrrrrrrrrr" noise that he makes for basically any type of vehicle, and he was excited to catch a glimpse of it.  Next ride...Nate gets on with him, I am being helped on with Owen in his snap-n-go, and Oliver is trying to jump off the back into my arms.  Ok, maybe next year.  We really should have expected that based on the previous day's Touch-a-Truck experience.

We had lots of time to kill between events that day, and no opportunity for Oliver to nap, so by the time the tree lighting was getting underway we had a very antsy and borderline cranky toddler on our hands.  He was probably a little too young to care much for this event.  He wanted in and out of Nate's arms and wasn't really entertained with standing around and singing Christmas songs he doesn't even know.  He did pretty good though, considering (I'm learning to lower my expectations to his level....I was turning into the "This is fun dammit so have fun" kind of mom this holiday, so I had to put myself in check).

FINALLY.....the Big Guy arrived on a firetruck (thankfully! because sleighs just don't excite Oliver like a good firetruck does!)  When it was being announced that Santa was on his way to help light the tree Oliver started calling for him in his own high pitch language that only Nate, myself and his Nana understand: "Eayayaaaa?" Translation: "where are you?" 

And when Santa was getting down from the truck Oliver smiled and waved and it hit me that he is beginning to recognize this big red icon (it's only being crammed down his throat everywhere we go), and I was hit by a wave of emotion and Christmas happy to be able to experience Christmas Magic through the eyes of my little boy.

He was pretty impressed by the tree lighting up and the size of it.  It turned out to be a very nice family day...and I didn't even have to force everyone to enjoy it.

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