Thursday, June 2, 2011

Haircut Day

Today Oliver and I were stuck at home all day while my van was being worked on.  I decided to take advantage of not doing anything to tackle his haircut.  I swear I just did this! All of a sudden his hair looked as long as it did before his first haircut only a month ago!  Grooming this child is no easy task.  Part of the reason I decided to try myself was because I didn't believe he would do well sitting still to get it done somewhere, and I was right.  He fights it soooo hard!  Jerking his head, pulling at my hands, blocking with his fingers.  Ugh, it's terrible! 

He gave me a verrry hard time with it today, but overall it was done pretty quick and I did even better than the first time.  Just a little while ago I did the husbands hair too.  So two haircuts, on top of changing the flushy-flappy thingy in the toliet tank myself, I MUST saved us at least the $600 that the work on my van is costing us, right?  Wah. Darn automobile.

Oliver before:

Oliver after:

This was as good as I could get at the moment.  Gosh he fought it hard!  You'd think he was Hercules and I was stealing his strength!  I was able to clean it up a bit more later.

Daddy before:

Daddy after:
(giving his best Oliver squishy smile) 

And then there's me...still with the frizzy animal on top of my head! (sorry, no picture to rpove what a wreck I am because A: I look a wreck, and 3: I'm the one taking all the pictures). Do I dare attempt my own do? Nah!!!

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