Monday, June 13, 2011

To Oliboo

This post is for my Oliver- the best little boy I know!

 You are growing and learning everyday.  I am so in love with every little thing you do.  You love it when your daddy throws you around.  You love it when mommy tickles you.  You love your shoes.  You always make sure things are put away.  Shoes go in the closet, keys go in mommy's purse.  You also love to "unlock" doors, and sometimes it's the only way to get you in the house...and only mommy's flipflop keychain works.  You love doggies.  You call me "Ba" instead of "Ma".  You demand a bath at night and love to dump water over your own head.  When you give daddy a hug it usually has to be backwards.  Mommy gets your head on her shoulder.  You love your bedtime routine and will remind us if we do something wrong.  You love cereal, just like daddy.  You sweat A LOT, just like daddy.  You love fresh grapes and blueberries, but not fresh strawberries (too prickly), and we think you may have been allergic to Mema's raspberry jelly.  You are in love with Baby Julia and try to give her kisses, but her bouncy seat throws you off a bit.  You lift mommy's shirt and kiss your baby brother who is growing in her belly.  You love leaving the house and making sure everyone gets their shoes on to go.

So what's new with you, my little Oliboo?  Over the past week or two:
  • You have two new teeth, making a total of 16.  You take teething like a champ, only the top lateral incisers gave you trouble (tylenol every night!).  You didn't even bat an eye at those molars.
  • You learned how to jump.
  • You are nodding your head "yes".  Usually you only do this when you are eating or drinking and it means: "Oh yes! This is good!"
  • You tried to kiss your Music Together teacher, a big open mouth kiss that you are so good at.  You gave him a hug goodbye, too.
  • You learned to make your way down the stairs at Nana's house.
  • You have lost all patience with shopping, if the stroller stops your complaining starts.
  • You learned how to turn on the AC.  Shortly after you learned to turn it off.  You are very good at following instructons and love to celebrate with a "Yay" and a round of applause for your good listening.
  • You are learning how to climb, but still need lots of help, and thankfully you listen when your told not to climb on far.
  • You were brave enough to let mommy put a quarter into the rides in the mall.  You can officially drive a hotdog car.
  • You can put on your own diaper.  By "put on your own diaper"- I mean that you know where it goes.  You can also "put on" your own socks.
  • You are much better about holding hands to walk on your own, but you still give us a difficult time with this.

We love you Oliver! All the things you do and all the things you are learning to do!

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