Friday, June 10, 2011

Our Friday Night

Nate has to work tomorrow.  We are sad about that.  Everyone shed a tear with me...ready? tear.  Ok moving on.

To make up for it he took us out to eat tonight.  We rarely dine out, and I always forget how hard it is with a baby.  Quite the hassle sometimes.  We had to wake Oliver up so we had some tired crankies to deal with in addition to the near starvation level all 3 of us were at.  We went to Friendlys.  Cheap dinner with dessert included.  Service, however, leaves much to be desired.  They are nice enough....but sloooooow.

Is it just me...? or is it terribly annoying to wait forever for your appetizers (with a fussy, fidgety, famished toddler making things all the more stressful, even though inside I feel the same as he does), and the second the appetizer hits the table your meal follows one second behind.  I hate that.  What can you do? At least it got there. 

Food improved Oliver's behavior.  It's so hard to order for him because I feel like it's always the same thing.  He can be so darn picky that things are usually hit or miss.  There can be something he'll eat usually but he will still refuse it.  Feeding him has been getting pretty frustrating (especially with my limited culinary skills/interest).

He loved his first ever sundae.  He's had bites of our ice cream before, but never his own.  He was in heaven!

We had to walk off all that ice cream so we headed down to the West Haven boardwalk.  It was PACKED tonight.  There was a free concert we had no idea about, not to mention all the high schoolers that walk around in groups, picking fights and being otherwise obnoxious the minute the weather gets warm.  They are so terrible.  Yes trashy girl, I want my children to see every inch of your skin and hear every curse you can think of.  Seriously.  Go do your homework!

No makeup, frizzy hair, and a double chin...and he still loves me.

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