Friday, June 17, 2011

One Door Closes...

It's finally all set- we got the keys to our new little house...and immdiately changed the locks and got new keys! It's ours!  We've got a little elbow grease to put into it and make it shine, but thankfully it is not too much to take on.  My father in law will be down on Saturday to pass on his wisdom.  I can tell how much he loves to see his sons establishing themselves with homes and families, and to help them be handymen.  He's such a quiet man, but I've learned to pick up on his form of excitement (like when we got engaged and pregnant and he decided it was time for a camcorder...little things like that).  So we are very thankful to have him come down and help.  My mother and mother in law will be in town also to help me with Oliver and cleaning and painting, and both of them are excited and happy for us too.  We are so surrounded by love!

So exciting times here! But also a little sad.  Nate and I moved into the condo our sophomore year of college.  We graduated, got engaged, got pregnant, got married, nested, brought our baby home, and chased him in these few rooms. 

This has been Oliver's home.  The one and only.  For 16 amazing months.  I watch him manuever through the rooms and his routine with such comfort and ease that my heart breaks a little to know we are leaving the home he knows so well.

Our First Christmas in the Condo- These are the oldest pictures of us in the condo I can find...we've been through a few computers I guess and I lost some pictures.  But really....what says "home" like Christmas? Especially when you can see what Christmas in the condo became for us (and there are lots of pics of this last one!!!)

Our last Christmas here- talk about a change in what made the holiday special for us!  From just the two of us to our first holiday as parents watching the joy that reflected in our baby's eyes.

I wish I could find the pictures from when we first moved in back in June 2006 to show the major change in what Oliver's room became.  It started with a computer desk, TV, Super Nintendo, PS2 and a futon.  Little did we know what little treasure we would be putting in there less than 4 years later!

Bringing our sweet boy home

The Big-Boy Room it became after Oliver's first Christmas! Made me cry!

But...when one door closes...

Another opens!

I will be sure to document our journey to make our new house our home! 
Be prepared to help me decorate!!!!


  1. OMG - i love this! I am so glad to see you getting your first home and reading your blog is an insite into your life and the cousin I look forward to meeting soon. Congrats on your new home again and please know you always have family here in Florida! Muaaah! Oh and that Oliver - I need to meet and squeeze him up with lovin!

  2. Oh he would love some love squeezes! I would love to get to FL! hopefully someday soon!


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