Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hallow-versary

Today is the 2 year anniversary of the most beautiful and perfect Hallowedding. 

On October 31, 2009 Nate and I were married. 
I have nothing but happy memories about our wedding. It was wonderful, it was fun, it was...well...perfect.

Before you have visions of The Corpse Bride... here is a glimpse of our wedding.  Just a small taste...there are so many pictures and I love them all... which is amazing in itself since I usually hate being photographed.

My inspiration was Victorian Gothic.  Did that happen? Not quite as much as I would have liked;  I had haunted mansion in mind (not ghouls and monsters haunted, but candelabras and the decor walking through the Tower of Terror in Disney).  Our colors were burgundy and champagne, NOT black and orange.  I would have loved to go all skulls and gargoyles with the wedding, but Nate is too normal and his mom (my mom too, actually) would have died!

Whenever I mentioned we were getting married on Halloween people responded with: "I went to a wedding on Halloween once! It was the best wedding I've been to! Everyone wore costumes, it was so fun!"  We aren't doing costumes at our wedding.  "Oh."

As much as I would have liked to go more "halloweenie" with the theme... I'm glad no one was in costume, that was never going to happen.  I would hate to have a friggin' power ranger or something in our wedding pictures.  Overall, I don't regret that I was reigned in with the Hallowedding theme because I think one day I would have regretted the gimmick and wished for a "real" wedding.  Well I got my "real" wedding and it was fairy tale quality.

BUT...someday...when there's money to spend...we'll have an awesome anniversary Halloween party and no one will stifle my crazy!  I'm thinking something along these lines...

When I was planning for the wedding I searched for Victorian Gothic and came across THIS on  HERE is their Flikr album...I absolutely love what they did and wish I was cool enough to do something like that... but I'm really pretty lame.

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