Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Nana

Yesterday was Nana's birthday.  It was not Owen's birthday.  Tricky kid. 

I didn't expect another 3 days of contractions like I had with Oliver... but it looks like that's the direction we are going in.  So far we are on two consecutive early, sleepless mornings of intense contractions lasting 1.5+min and getting as close as 8 min apart that dissappear the moment I get out of bed.  Isn't moving around supposed to HELP contractions?  Well if it's going to be like Oliver, Owen should be here by Wednesday.  I was really hoping to just go into labor and not have this on and off thing again.  Bummer.

It would have been so convenient to go into labor yesterday with my mom dad and sister visiting so we could spend mom's birthday together.  Kids can never be convenient can they?  I've been at this "mom" thing less than 2 years and I already know nothing is easy!


Cake was yummy. For realz.


  1. That cake looks delicious!!
    hoping your little one is here soon. I am being induced tomorrow..and yesterday I had contractions every 4 minutes...but they stopped after a annoying.
    Can't wait to read that your little guy is here. It's been a long 9/10 months!

  2. Hope everything goes well with your delivery and he comes soon!


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