Friday, September 30, 2011

"Memmy Memmy"

Nesting is pretty much in full swing.  You know, now that I can pretty much have this baby any second and there is still loads that can be done! Yeah, so I figure it's time to get busy.   Well, stay busy.

I am still head over heals in love with the nursery set we chose for Oliver- Alphbet Soup by CoCaLo.  But when we picked it for Oliver it was already making its way to all the clearance shelves as a discontinued theme.  We snatched up as much as we could whenever/wherever we saw pieces of it.  And now that it is impossble to find... I want to buy more of it.  Thank God for the internet!

I ordered the valences and hamper that I've wanted since January 2010, and we made the decision to go with the wallpaper border since the chairail we were planning on putting up in the nursery is not going to happen any time soon...I think my MiL is the most bothered by this- since the day we moved in and I mentioned a chairail she has wanted to get it up!  Well after tons of searching I was able to find the border on ebay, confirm with Nate that we should order it, then I closed the laptop to go eat dinner...and forgot to go back and order it!  Now it is NOWHERE to be found.  So bummed.

Last night Daddy hung up the curtain rod for the valences.

Of course... Oliver needed to get in on the action.  He even brought his own tools.  He is a regular "Memmy Memmy" (which happens to be Oliver speak for "Handy Manny"...oh yeah, he can say that but he still calls me, his MOMMY, "Ba".  I would so be cool with being called Memmy, but no, I am Ba).

Here he is using Felipe to help daddy tighten screws. 

Obviously a hammer, measuring tape and plyers are needed for this job...of straightening out the already hung valence.

Since the boys are sharing the room and I still love the set so much we are splitting it up between the two cribs (well, soon to be two cribs...we finally picked one for Owen now need to order it). 

 Oliver will have the printed dustruffle, a plain sheet, and the printed comforter... there is also a blanket he can have for now since the baby won't be using those for a while. Owen will get a solid dustruffle, printed sheet and the crib bumper. Yes I will use a CPS if you must, but I believe (unlike the city of Chicago apparently) that it is up to the parent whether or not they want to use it, AND to use it responsibly. Don't get me started on recalls that are really just a matter of negligent parenting! Umm... tub seats and video monitors anyone? Those issues were whose fault, really?

ANYWAY... with the crib set split between the two boys, I am loving how the window valences, lamp and hamper tie the theme together as a shared space for both of them.  I am considering getting the rug, but not sure if I want to spend $35 on that tiny little thing.  And now to figure out the border issue. 

If anyone comes across any Alphabet Soup items, let me know!

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