Monday, September 5, 2011

Freezer Meals

It's a lot of work to bring myself to make dinner on any given day.  I hate to cook.  So I'm thinking when Owen is born, my family might just starve.  That would be a bad thing, right?

Given my aversion to cooking I should really be doing this mass cooking regularly so I don't have to make my way grudgingly the stove every day. If I could focus my energy into a weekend cooking spree every once in a while I'd be all set.

A google search brought me HERE and I thought I'd share.  Here's whay I plan on trying out- they seem so easy, how can I screw this up? 
Cranberry Chicken
Cornflake Potato Casserole
Dr. Pepper Spaghetti
Anyone else have any freezer recipes to share?  In a few months I'll be looking for baby food recipes so get ready to share those too.

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