Monday, September 12, 2011

Bringing Home Baby

Not even two years ago we were leaving the hospital with the most precious souvenire ever... our baby boy Oliver.  I can't believe the big monkey next to me with scraped knees was once this little bundle. 

It was kind of sad leaving the hospital.  It was like we had been in our own little bubble, our own private world.  Nate had stayed the whole time with me and the baby was in our room the whole time too, only being taken out when they weighed him and checked stats each night.  Leaving the hospital was like going back out into the real world were we had to take care of ourselves and protect this precious baby from everything out there. (Not to mention I was going to miss the room service!)

Getting close to Baby Owen's due date has us thinking about how things went the first time as we make plans for the hospital and coming home.  Nate mentioned getting Owen's coming home outfit and I had him get Oliver's out of the basement where it was put away with other outgrown clothes.  I had always figured each kid would get his own, but for some reason I automatically answered Nate that I had to wash Oliver's for Owen.  Which led to last nights yo-yo decision:  Reuse? Get a new one?  We see positives in both.  Very close friends of ours used the same outfit for all three of their kids.  But there's was neutral so having a girl after two boys wasn't a problem for them reusing it.  In our case, if the next baby (YEARS down the road!!!) were to be a girl, there is no way we would bring her home in a blue outfit, so is it fair that she would get her own?  And wouldn't it be nice to one day give each kid their outfit to use or not use as they build there own families?  But the emotional impact of seeing both of our boys in the same beautiful outfit calls to me too.  Plus, it took forever to find this outfit that we liked for Oliver to come home in. 

One more thing-  we got this outfit at a consignment store.  Does the fact that a stranger-baby wore it once make it less special?  Sometimes I feel like I can't really say "This is Oliver's special outfit," because they are second-hand (even though I don't know whose hand came first).

I think we've made our decision, but what's your opinion on the matter?

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