Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Baby Shower

It's been over a week since I promised a post about my baby shower.  Sorry.  Between exhaustion, laundry, baby "necessity" sorting and assembling...not to mention this preview of terrible twos Oliver is showing off... I haven't had the energy to blog.

So about the baby shower...

My mother planned it as a surprise.  They had me going, too. They were playing it off as a family and friends preview type party for a bar and lounge my dad is opening. My mom insisted Nate make sure he gets that weekend off because it's very important to my dad that we be there.  We bought that story without thinking about it much. 

Then, the day Hurricane Irene hit NJ, NY and CT my mom insisted I call my grandfather (dad's dad) who lives in Manhattan and hadn't evacuated. It seemed a little strange that my mom was telling me to call and check in on him and not my dad, but I did what she asked.  And after chatting a few minutes he apologized that he couldn't see us, wasn't sure when he'd be able to see us, not able to make it to the baby shower on the 17th.  It sounded a little something like this:

"You have the baby shower on, what, the 17th?"
"...I...don't know....."
"Yeah.  You don't know? Ooooh. You don't know.... well, you didn't talk to me."

So Nate and I had fun for a while acting like we had no idea what was going on and listening to my family discuss the cover story.  Of course it DID happen to be Nate's work weekend that he had to switch so we had my mom sweat it out a little that we might not be able to make it.  I had also been really uncomfortable and having some painful B-H Contractions so I was having fun telling my mom I couldn't make it down to NJ.

So maybe it was a little evil of us to lead them on like that, thinking they had us surprised...but we did feel bad about it.  We considered not telling them we knew, but right away someone asked if I was surprised and my response was "uuuuuuh" and I let them know about the little birdie named Grandpa.

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