Sunday, September 18, 2011

I really should be sleeping...

The time is currently 2:55AM and I can't sleep. Not fun. I think I have a case of travel insomnia being at my moms and sleeping in the same room as Oliver. Something about having to be quiet that makes your body restless. And it could be the chicken and pasta I ate at like 11 before going to bed. Who eats that late?! Oh yeah, me- the pregnant whale who's always hungry! Worrying about the cold my whole little family seems to be coming down with doesn't help either. Oliver started coughing a few days ago and today Natey-poo and I both feel a little something starting in our throats, too. Yay. Not.

Whatever the cause, the moral of the story is the same. I can't sleep. I just realized that at this moment my sister is probably dancing at a club dressed like a hoochie (a classy one) with Ronnie of Jersey Shore. Well, not "probably"... That's what she's doing. What a different life we lead!

Today was my surprise baby shower for Owen. As in "Surprise!!! I knew about it!" (My grandfather had spilled the beans weeks ago). I felt bad- they tried so hard- and I wasn't going to tell them I knew, but the could tell. Guess my "act surprised" skills need work. I'll throw a Baby Shower post up with pictures and a gift list in a couple days. Right now is random-thoughts on my blackberry time.

So apparently my feet are swollen. I had no idea. They look and feel the same to me. But my grandma loves to point out how big and pregnant I am, and not only that- but biggER and pregnantER than last time. Yay! Self esteem boost anyone? Not to mention nate laughed at my poor over-stretched belly button a few nights ago. When Nate comments on my pregnant state I can hear the love and pride behind his voice, so it doesn't bother when he chuckles and says "whoah you're huge!"

Ok my random 3am thoughts have now shifted to Oliver- God! I love that little boy! He is so stinking beautiful. Such a perfect little gift from heaven! There are moments during the day where I catch myself thinking "I hope I don't forget to steal these brief moments of hugs/cuddles/tickles/kisses/goofballing with him once Owen is born." I am already making myself promise that I will remember to stay Oliver's mommy too. I think we all wonder as we wait for the second how we can split ourselves for both children, but I think most moms worry they won't have as much love for the second as the first one. My fear has been whether I will stay as obsessed with Oliver as I have been for the past 19+ months, and not become too wrapped up in newborn love. I'm not exactly sure how to explain it- but that's the best I can do at 3am.
Well I think I will try to silently sneak back into bed (the king size bed we get to use at my moms which Nate decided not to share well!? Get on your side... Alllllll the way over there!). Thanks for being there blogger.
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  1. Maybe a little'd better to take some exercise.

  2. Somehow I must have lost you on my blog feed- and here I thought that you had just been quiet for the last while! haha Now I'm going to have to read back a bit and catch up on what you've been upto!! :) Hope all has been swell!


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