Monday, September 26, 2011

Freshly Picked

Oliver decided not to nap.  The sun came out.  Daddy was home.  We decided to be brave and take the trip to Lyman.  Brave because lately the kid has been a little friggin' monster!  He has learned the art of tantrums just in time to be a big brother.  Yay.

Who knew apple picking would be such a success?  When I took him blueberry picking with friends he ended up doing pretty well but I figured tree picking wouldn't go over as well.  Wrong mommy.  He loved it.  The trees were low enough for him to reach the bottom apples and daddy's shoulders were high enough for the mid-tree ones.  The second he was out of his car seat he was running over to some trees.  We convinced him to come with us to get a bag and over to some different apples.  Nate showed him one to pick and as soon as he did he plopped it right into the bag, like he knew what to do, demanding "mas" ("more").  Each apple he picked he wanted "mas".  Super cute.

I was excited for pumpkins.  Last year he was impressed with the pumpkins, so I was eager to see his reaction now.  Not as good as the apples.  The field wasn't as full with pumpkins as last time and he was tiring out.  But he did pretty well.  And looked super cute.

Once we got down to the market store the display of pumpkins, gourds and squashes was more visually impressive for him I think.  He picked a mini pumpkin for himself, and one for his baby, Owen.

My father-in-law recently purchased a new DSLR camera for himself and let me have his old one.  It has lots and lots of miles on it, but I am very happy to have it.  I wanted to try it out with this trip to the orchards, and I got some good shots, but I am glad I brought my smaller camera (which is amazing) and glad to have some basic editing software.  Got some good pictures of Oliver, but the button stuck and stopped working (the reason it was replaced), and being unfamiliar with the camera, I didn't get pictures as clear as I would like.  Still satisfied with our trip and fulfilling my photo-snapping mother needs. 

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