Saturday, September 3, 2011


I'm not sure if this will even post. I've never done an email post from my blackberry before, but AT&T service is down for my area...thanks Irene! We had TV and internet the whole day sunday during the storm but Monday it cut out. I called and set up a time slot for a tech to come and they never did. I thought maybe I missed them because I ended up going to grab lunch with my mom during a part of the time slot but turns out they never came. Then we were told they're not going to. It has nothing to do with out house/connection/equipment/whatever but its their stuff knocked out by the storm. Well....don't you think a call is in order in that case? "Hi this is AT&T you don't have to sit around waiting for us, we're not coming." Just saying. Also just saying: we better see a credit on our bill for all this time we have to service available to us. I miss my internet so much! And Nate misses TV in the evening. Poor guy. The little things he enjoys. The good part of being cut off- we have been playing games together (totally kicked his bum at Boggle last night!) And I have gotten MAJOR reading done. When I can I will post what I've been reading. I'm seriosuly doing damage to my to-read list before baby #2 arrives in October.

Speaking of- here is a crappy cell pic of the bump at 34weeks 3days.

Someone comment and let me know if this worked :)
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