Friday, August 26, 2011

Oliver's 18 Month Appointment

This has been sitting as a draft for a while now....oops...guess I'll finish.

Someone remind me never to schedule Oliver's doctor appointmet during a nap time!
Here he is just 2 exits away...I'm trying sooo hard to keep him awake.

He was all over the place waiting for the doctor.  During the exam he was AWFUL!  I so wish BDNP was there to help me.  It was terrible!

The exam as torture apparently.  He's NEVER behaved like that before.  He hated getting measured, he hated getting looked at, and he hated being held on the table for a shot (I don't think the shot bothered him so much as the fact that he had to sit still to have it).
Check out the single tear that hung around for a while, it was so heartbreakingly cute just chilling on his cute little face.

Thomas the Train sticker made things much better.  He has a new obsession with trains that we didn't even mention to the nurse so when she gave him this his reaction was too cute.

They didn't tell me what percentile he is in but I'm assuming he is still 75th-90th like the last few times.  I was told that at 33 3/4" he is the height of a 22 month old.  He weighed in at 29 lbs.  I was actually surprised that he hadn't hit/passed 30lbs, but I have noticed that while he is still my chunky boy he has definitely slimmed down and shot up.

The biggest concern I had going into the appointment was hearing whether or not my boy is on track with his verbal skills.  I really have had the opinion that he should be speaking a lot and doing so clearly by now.  I've been worrying about this for a while even though at 15months I was told by he pediatrician he is on target.  In my opinion there wasn't as much progress as there should have been.  But the pediatrician was again happy with where he is and not concerned.  If at 2 years he hasn't made more progress we'll consider some speach therapy I guess.  I was thinking he'd need to start that now so that's good news.  And in the week leading up the appointment and the week following I have definitely noticed his babbling has become more conversational and he is repeating more.  So yeah, this mommy is breathing a little easier.  Not that I was overly concerned, just a little bothered...the kid is not shy around other people, definitely has no hearing problems and is very good at following directions and learning routines.  In short- my boy is a quiet genius!

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