Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pardon My Dust

I have such a hard time re-doing my blog design.  I can never figure it out.  And yet I get bored super fast with what I have, and I love what I see on other blogs.  So for the next little while I will be working on the look of my blog.  Be patient...I'm already bored for tonight.

In other news....I'm going on a date with my husband.  My mom wore her real estate hat all day driving around with clients and when she finished that she stayed in the car to drive up to CT so BDNP and I can go see a movie.  Can't remember the last time we did that actually.  Sad huh? 

And boy do I need it tonight.  My sweet angel Oliver first refused to nap, and then was mean to me today.  Seriously.  Mean.  And he knew it.  He's figured out biting, pinching and hitting.  My angel...bites.  No Bueno. Rough day for me, especially since Nate worked all day and I can't function on my own on the weekends.  I do it everyday of the week but there's something about flying solo on a Saturday that just breaks me.

But how can you NOT love this?
Oliver as a sleepy Warehouse Mouse (from Imagination Movers)
@ Sesame Place for The Count's Halloween Spooktacular


  1. I love playing around with my blog design as well...sometimes it takes me FOREVER to decide on something and other times, It's as easy as pie!

    Hope your Saturday went well. I look forward to the weekends (mainly Saturday) as well...It's the one day that we usually don't have plans, hubby is home and I know that I can get a bit of a break.

  2. So stinkin cute!! I want to visit there sometime soon. New follower from Y3W. Would love it if you stopped by my blog and followed back.


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