Monday, August 8, 2011

Now Showing on Top Baby Blogs- Real Housewife of New Haven County

I'm so happy to add my blog to Top Baby Blogs!

I have heard that this directory has done wonders for other mom bloggers sharing little bits of their lives like I do.  I've come across some of my favorite blogs on here.

Even though I update and post for my own satisfaction, I have to admit it is a wonderful feeling to have a new follower and see my readership expanding.  I love getting comments from people I would otherwise have no interaction with, but have similar experiences, ineterests and thoughts.

 Life as a SAHM can get lonely from time to time and since starting this blog I have felt like I have a whole new outlet for myself and opportunity to interact with other moms.  I seriously talk about blogs I follow and the other moms and kids I read about like they are my friends from down the street.  I find myself telling Nate about something some mom or kid did like I was there.  He looks at me like "Who on earth are you talking about?"  When you can't get out everyday it's nice to have this window to the outside on your own computer.

So now that I have enough blogging experience under my belt I am happy to join Top Baby Blogs and hope to see my readership and bloggy-friendships grow!

So here's how it works for those who don't know.  My blog is now added to the directory on their site, and by clicking the banner (below, or on the top right of my page) you can vote for my blog up to once daily (you can vote for as many blogs as you want each day, but only one vote a day for each different blog).  I don't expect to come even close to the top on the blog ranking, but a vote here and there would sure be a nice little confidence boost... just saying :)

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