Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm Just THAT Fabulous

I make no pretenses- I am a bum.  If I have no plans to go out...I don't get dressed.  My hair has been TERRIBLE since about 4 months postpartum with Oliver when it started falling out around my hairline and grew back in like a friggin circus clown. 

I admit there's truth to the "look good, feel good" train of thought.  Sometimes I need to get dressed to force myself to think up some errand to run.  But today I looked like hell and still felt good. 

I thought my belly looked fabulous in my husbands BoSox tee (from the 2004 ALCS, the series during which we met).  And my frizzy hair was perfect for spending the day uncluttering the bedroom and doing some laundry... I even washed the morning and afternoon dishes at lunch time instead of waiting to pile dinner dishes in my ridiculously shallow sink and forcing myself to get to it before bed. 

I spent today barefoot and pregnant and loving every second of it.

It doesn't get any REAL-er than this! 
I decided to cheese it up and take some selfies like any good pregnant lady would do. 
32 weeks...Don't I look great!? (no answer necessary)

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