Friday, August 12, 2011

18 Months

My little boy is getting so big.  Soooo big!

Last night I brought him to Panera for dinner and this kid was a hit!  He was so well behaved and ate so much.  EVERYONE in the restaurant was completely head over heals with him.  I appreciate friendliness, really I do, and I know my son is just about the best thing on earth...but can I eat please?  Can I take a bite without having to cover my full mouth with my napkin, swallow half chewed sandwich, and answer questions directed at a child who can't speak. 

I will say this though, I love being able to say "he's one and a half" when asked his age.  So much easier than the months.  Not until you are a mother do you understand why women tell you how old their kids are by month.  In the first two years every month makes such a difference.  I can't just say he's 1... 16 months is so different from 12 months.  Well now I can say one and a half and be done with it.

Next Thursday is his 18 month checkup.  Can't wait to hear his stats.  He is still a very big boy, my chunky monkey.  But he's really slimmed down and sprouted up.  I love hearing what percentile he is.  And sooo smart!  This little boy is sooooo smart!  He follows instructions so well, and understands everything we say to him.  He certainly communicates and knows how to make himself understood.  He nods and shakes his head now (his enthusiasm is HILARIOUS!).  But the kid refuses to use words.  I feel like he should be much more verbal than he is.  A few months ago I was ready to get him enrolled in speech therapy.  But I was talked down by BDNP, a close friend, and other moms from Feb 2010 birth group on  At his 15 month appointment the pediatrician assured me he is doing great and is right on track.  I guess we'll see what she thinks now. I've heard around 18 moths something clicks and there's a verbal explosion.  I'm very eagerly awaiting that.

Here's my big baby boy a year ago today.  Oh my heart just can't take it!

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