Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Old Man

I tease my husband that he's old.  He falls asleep on the couch and being awake past 10:30 is difficult.  Not to mention the noises that come with sitting down and getting up.  Truth is...I'm exactly the same way!  Sad right?  We are two peas in a pod...soul mates...made for each other.  And I would like to take a minute to wish my Baby Daddy Natey Poo a very Happy 26th! (side note- Choo Choo Soul just played on Disney Jr. and I just realized as it was ending it was a birthday song...cute, Oliver will have to dance to it for Nate later.)

Nate is so amazing I want to make his day special...but with my SAHM budget and achy pregnant body I'm already off to a bad start.  I couldn't even pull myself out of bed to make him breakfast, good thing he loves cereal.  It may take me all day, but I WILL make him dinner tonight! I WILL I WILL I WILL!!!!  Even though I just want to lie down with pillows propped under various body parts and read.  Dinner tonight will be Aji de Gallina... when I was pregnant with Oliver for whatever reason I wanted spicy Peruvian food and learned how to make this.  It's a hit with Nate, so...I will make it for him because he deserves it! 

The Little Stinker inside my belly doesn't seem to understand that on Daddy's birthday we need to get things done.  He is literally weighing me down!  Since Tuesday it has been sooooooooo hard for me to move, and his movements are getting really uncomfortable and painful.  I thought I'd go early with Oliver, but that was more wishful thinking.  I really feel this time there's more of a chance I go early...but what do I know, I may snap out of it in a few days.  I'm actually kind of nervous to go early this time.  I'm 35 weeks 2 days and I really want to make it to 37 weeks before I say, "OK baby, get out here!"  I'm sure I will, but I've been miserable so the thought's crossed my mind.  We've still got quite of bit of getting ready to do.  Take it easy on me Baby, so I can finish getting ready for you!

BDNP Birthday FlashBack Time!!!!

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