Monday, October 3, 2011

Mother Duck said "quack quack quack"....

... But only one little duck came back.

Yeah, still just one baby duck here. The other one just doesn't want to hatch! This is me on our way out the door to do the labor waddle at the mall.

Don't I look oh so rested and happy? Because I'm exhausted! And upset at being wrong about my body! I really was not expecting the dissappearing contractions this time around. Well at least I was right about him being about a week ahead of his brother's schedule.

So this makes morning #3 of contractions. Hard, uncomfortable, zone-out and occasionally whimper contractions. As soon as I get up to pee or get myself more comfortable they dissappear. So upsetting! So I try to stay flat in bedw with a full bladder as long as possible, but really- that's not the right thing to do and the last thing I need is an even weaker bladder (Oliver did enough damage there)!

Nate stayed home to deal with Oliver this morning which is lovely. I got to stay in bed and rest a bit. My head hurts, my lips feel swollen, and my socks left a deep impression on my ankles yesterday so we'll see what happens today. 39 weeks tomorrow, I say by Wednesday he's out... But let's face it- I don't know jack!

Here's hoping a few laps around the mall get things moving again. Really, I don't get how my contractions go away when I get up and active. Anyone who's been there knows this defies everything you read about going for walks and moving around to get labor going.
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  1. Hope the walking around the mall helps. Thinking of you...and hoping the waddle is history for you.

    My baby arrived! I got online to check in and see if your LO was here yet.

  2. I keep looking to see if there are any pics of your princess up yet! hopefully tomorrow I have a baby. I've been an emotional hormonal crying mess all day but my contractions keep coming and going :(


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