Thursday, October 27, 2011

Made for each other

Oliver was blessed with a best friend from birth.  It's so amazing to look back at their side-by-side growth and development.  What started as a big 5 month(ish) difference has become a hardly noticable (except that one talks and the other...ahem, Oliver!.... refuses to use real words) age/size difference.

The most beautiful thing about this friendship is the innocent and genuine love they have for each other.  They give each other hugs and kisses and light up when they get to see each other (even though they don't actually play together...Oliver is still at the side by side play stage in development, not so much co-play yet). 

 Us mommies were laughing the other day with the thought of the future embarassment we can dish out when we get to remind a pair of too-cool teens how they used to hug and kiss right on the mouth... we need to make sure we capture that one of these days, what's better than a blackmail photo!?


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  1. such love, such love! These boys are blessed to have each other, and such loving mommies setting a great friendship example for them!


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