Friday, October 28, 2011

A Touch of Pink

My brother in law and his wife welcomed their beautiful baby girl to the world a little while ago.  She is absolutely beautiful... so tiny and dainty and feminine.  Such a gorgeous contrast to my totally boyish boys.  We are so excited to have a niece so we just had to get up to NH to meet here ASAP.

We never would have traveled this early with Oliver, but being second time around parents we realize now that a newborn is actually not too hard to travel with...seeing as they sleep, ALL THE TIME.  We just had to make a pit stop so I could nurse Owen.  The ride up was great...the ride home...well, that was awful (traffic...yikes).

The visit also allowed us to introduce Owen to his uncles and great grandparents.  It was also the first time we stayed as guests in my bro and sis in laws' house and it went well...Oliver slept much longer than I expected him to, and he loved their cats (still getting used to their young dog, though).

Watching football with the guys.

Snapping pictures with Mommy

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