Monday, November 7, 2011

Daylight Save Me!

Remember when "fall back" was a good thing? " extra hour of sleep!"  I remember.  That was before life with kids. 

As we changed to clocks at bedtime Saturday night, I realized... no one changed Oliver's internal clock, let alone explained to him that 7AM is the new 6AM... and Mommy doesn't do 6AM with a smile.

So yeah... Sunday was pretty much the longest day ever.  It was a good day.  Just long.  It felt like bedtime would never come.  Luckily Oliver was good-mood-goofy tired, as opposed to bad-mood-mommy's-gonna-run-away tired.

For anyone who doesn't know what goofy-tired is (but really, anyone with kids knows)...this is what it looks like:

This was all on his own.  Climbed up there and decided blowing raspberries would be fun.  Once again, I am thankful for a camera within reach. funny is that big mouth of his!

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