Tuesday, November 8, 2011

No Lions, 2 Tigers and a Bear... OMY

The boys got a visit from their Grandpa, Nana and Aunt Andrea on Sunday.  Unfortunately Baby Daddy Natey Poo was working and missed out on our lovely day.  We had some gorgeous fall weather, so we took a trip to Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport.

Oliver did really well.  He loves being a big boy and walking around.  He also loves his grandpa.  Put the two together and he had a great day!

He is at a great age for the zoo now.  He listens better when we let him walk, he follows our gaze and fingers so we can point things out to him, and he can identify animals now so he is impressed by seeing the real deal.

And, once again, Owen was there, too... he just didn't know it.

And Nana was there too...

 ...but she was behind the camera this time.  Which means Mommy is in pictures, proof to the boys in the future that I really did do things with them!

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