Tuesday, May 10, 2011

9 More Days!!!

Can you tell by the THREE exclamation points that I am super happy to find out Baby #2's gender in just 9 days?  At first I wanted another boy.  With the age difference being only 20 months, I'd say Oliver could use (and would enjoy) a brother more.  Plus, they will be sharing rooms regardless of #2's gender.  But with the different symptoms I've felt, I very quickly started to think this could be a girl.  The first OB visit we got to hear the heartbeat at, the midwife said it sounded like a girl...fast heartbeat.  So now I have my heart set on girl.  But as all us parents know- whatever it is I am MORE than happy to welcome him or her!

But along with that excitement and happiness is the very sobering realization that: I am ALREADY far enough along to find out?  I am 18 weeks today and I can't believe it! It's gone by so fast!  I guess that is the case with second pregnancies, isn't it?  At least when the first is still a toddler.  I am so busy with him that the days just fly by, and so the weeks seem to fly by also.

My baby a 18 weeks.  Courtesy of BabyCenter.com

One thing I am definitely not excited about is doing my glucose tolerence test.  I'm thinking I will be doing it on Saturday.  You may find it surprising, but I do not think it sounds fun to bring Oliver with me for a 2 hour blood sugar test.  Not that being up early to get to the lab when it opens at 6 sounds like much more fun, but at least it will be quiet. 

With Oliver I was tested for gestational diabetes early because of my weight and previous diagnosis of PCOS (still not convinced I have that.  I never got a concrete answer from my previous GYN, and if I'm not mistaken getting pregnant would have been much harder than simply losing the condoms for a week.  Seriously, both pregnancies happened so easily we are now aware of how careful we are going to need to be!).  My first test around 18 weeks came back borderline, and the second test around 24 weeks was still pretty borderline but they had me see the specialist anyway.  Since I was high risk and tested early I had to deal with the weekly visits to the GD specialist even longer than most women.  (Sarcastic) YAY me!  It was terrible.  At least a 2 hour wait every week for a visit that went like this:

"Let's have a look at your numbers.
Very good.
See you next week."

Doesn't that sound like it would be fun with a 15 month old in tow?  A two our wait for a two minute visit.

I was able to manage my GD without the use of insulin.  By the end of the pregnancy I was pretty fed up and cheated a bit with the diet.  I even used insulin twice to keep my numbers low (without the insulin I just "forgot" to check and didn't have numbers for that occasion to show them) and pacify the doctor and his nurse/dietician.  So when people congratulate me for doing such a great job, I honestly don't know that I did.  I remember lots of Friendly's sundaes which sure as heck were a no-no.

I gained 14 pounds throughout the pregnancy, L&D was ridiculously easy (and enjoyable!), and Oliver was born at a perfect 7lbs 10.5oz with normal blood sugar.  So the fact that I was referred for being borderline makes me almost as sceptical about the GD as I am about the PCOS. 

Still, I am soooooo not looking forward to it.  When we decided we were ready for another offspring I was determined to get myself in the habit of eating for GD before becoming pregnant...but that didn't happen, nor have I since becoming pregnant.  Oliver has me much more active during this pregnancy and I have lost about 5lbs so far in my 18weeks, but I'm pretty sure I will end up classified as GD again.  Yippee. 

Well we'll cross that bridge when we get there.  Soon enough.

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  1. exciting!! I am 18 weeks 3 days...I get to find out the gender on Friday...Yipee!!

    I am nervous about my GD testing...I was borderline with my last pregnancy...so, if I end up with GD, I know who to come to for support!


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