Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Thousand Words Thursday (updated)

I got my camera back today!!!! Actually, I got a BETTER camera back today!

Oliver was really quite thorough in destroying the last one; luckily we had bought the 2 year coverage that got us a replacement camera.  We were able to get the updated version of the Cannon I love so much AND another 2 year protection plan AND $3 back in store credit.  Much better than having to pay a difference in price which is what we originally thought would happen.

Now that I have my favorite accessory back I figure it's a good time to start a weekly post theme. Plus I'm tired and this ought to be easy. 

A Thousand Words Thursday- our day in pictures.

Let me know what you think (I love comments!).  Worth another installment?

I am so proud of myself that I even tried going out for 10am after Tuesdays nap issues, and even prouder that not only did we attend a story time, we made a trip to Best Buy AND Oliver napped for over 3.5hours!  There was some extra cuteness after that monster nap!

I have a ton more pictures I wanted to add but Blogger is giving me problems.  I tried to save time by grouping pics into one like I was able to do with the 4 above...but there are endless problems with the rest of the pictures I want to add.  Very upset and very tired.  I'll try again tomorrow. 

Ok- It is no longer Thursday, but I'm still working on this post.  I figured out a way to get the pictures I wanted on here, but the quality isn't too great.  I'll work on figuring that out (any suggestions?).

Clowning around at snack time.  He really turned on the cute for me to celebrate having my camera back!

Oliver playing with daddy at the playground in Orange.  We love this place!

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