Monday, May 23, 2011

Rock Star Hair Feathers on Etsy

Awesome new store on Etsy!

We are all aware of Rock-God Steven Tyler's amazing and unique sense of style (not to mention voice of course!).  Well, a healthy addiction to American Idol (and accessorizing) was all it took for this crafty SAHM (very close to my heart) to channel her inspiration and create :::drum roll::: ROCK STAR HAIR FEATHERS!

Allow me to introduce Susanne of Bloomfield Graphics, a graphics design company she started from scratch, as she embarks on her next self-inspired/self-started WAHM endeavor. 

Susanne (a.k.a Aunt Sushi!) sporting one of her beautiful clip-in hair accessories.

That's right this fabulous woman is my Aunt! Here we are in NJ in '88? 89?  Obviously she has ALWAYS been quite the fashionista!  Always in on the biggest trend!

My aunt has been my source of inspiration for all things crafty!  She taught me to cross stitch and scrapbook, and a variety of other crafty projects which she would have prepared when my sister and I spent weekends with her.  For a brief period we even shared a bedroom! We are very close and I love her dearly!

These Rockstar Hair Feathers are her latest brain child, and have been HUUUGE business for her locally.  She has had such high demand for them through friends and word of mouth that she has started cranking them out for craft fairs and now for her new store (linked to the banner at the top of this post...check it out!)

How gorgeous are they!?  Order one yourself and pass the link along to friends :) I know all you blog mommies are cute and fashionable (when we actually get dressed, right? Ha!) and would look wonderful with these accessories.


  1. ohhh how fun and funky! Love them!

  2. steven tyler is giving these feathers a comeback!! cute!


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