Thursday, May 19, 2011

Peek-a-Boo Baby!

So today was the big day we've been counting down to!!!

As soon as we arrived for our appointment we were brought in to the room for our ultasound. No wait is a great start! I mentioned to the tech (not the one I was expecting but she was great!) that we wanted a picture if she got a good shot of baby's special parts so she waited to give us the news until she could show us (she knew from the beginning after a quick glimpse).

Everything about this baby is perfect! Baby measures at 19 weeks 2 days which is exactly where I am. Baby was lying on it's back so the tech couldn't get a good shot of the spine, soooo we are going back for another U/S in three weeks. Darn (I hope you can read he sarcasm in my voice. As far as I'm concerned the more the better...I love every chance to see this little stinker!)

Thumb heading toward the mouth...

...thumb in the mouth!

Hands up on each side of face.

Hands framing the face.  Tech said like Home Alone. I say like Edvard Munch's The Scream. lol.

Perfect litte profile.  I see a nose like Oliver's.  I love that little nose soooo much!

We are anouncing the sex on Saturday so I will be sure to update then!

The GTT results came back normal!!!! woohoooo! For now anyway.  I'll be doing another test around 26 weeks.


  1. yay! So glad for a great appointment and ultrasound. You got some fabulous pictures of your sweet little baby. I can't wait til Saturday.
    Once I can figure out how to work our scanner, I can post my sono pics.

  2. I'm so excited!! I'm going to be stalking you until then :)

  3. awwww- ultrasound pictures making me want another one. Wait- what am I saying?

  4. Oh my goodness! I bet you are so excited!
    I found you via MBC and am a follower now.

    You can visit me @ if you like :)

  5. What a cutie!! I know you're excited! We never found out the sex of ours, though. There were a lot of people who were mad at us about that! LOL Following you now from MBC. Come visit sometime! I have a weekend hop going on right now where you can meet some more new friends!

  6. Love ultrasounds pics :)

    Following from MBC! Hope you have a chance to stop by

  7. Your newest follower~

    Your Blog is fabulous - just playing catch-up now! I had my detailed ultrasound last night and got to see my little one sucking her thumb and blowing kisses - was so sweet!

    Congrats on baby!

    Would love for you to pop by Little Miss Mama

    Take Care


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