Monday, May 16, 2011

So Much Going On!

With only three days until our ultrasound, I am super excited to finally know if we have a second baby boy or if I'm getting my little princess.  I can't stop thinking about it!!!  Not only that, but we will be moving (if all goes well with our home inspection Wednesday) to a new home mid-June.  Doubly excited? O yes I am!  Our two babies will be sharing a room when we move and I can't stop thinking about what it's going to look like.  I am so excited to have a complete nesting opportunity! So fun!  Does anyone have any tips on creating a shared space for a toddler and newborn.  #2 will be rooming with Mommy and Daddy for a while, but I am nervous about how things are going to go once the kids share a room.  Oliver has such a great routine down for bedtime.  He's so great about it that I'm afraid we are going to screw it up when we put them together. 

As exciting as it is to be taking the steps towards a new home, things were a little up in the air for a while.  We have to be out of our condo by the closing on May 27th.  If all goes well, we will close on our house June 10th.  So that leaves us homeless for a little bit.  My family is all in NJ and Hubby's family is in NH.  Luckily Hubby does have some family here in CT (a little over an hour away, but at least it's the same state) that are lovingly taking us in.  SUCH a relief!  But that's two moves we have to be making and preggo me is not much help in that department. 

But how exciting is this: our stay with our CT family comes complete with 2 donkeys, a steer, and cousins close to Oliver's age.  How fun!?  I'm just a little nervous about making sure we don't impose too much.  No one likes a bad house guest and I would sure hate to be one!

Meet Frankie and Frannie.
 Oliver absolutely LOOOOVED these Donkeys when he met them in November.


What child reaches his little nugget fingers toward equine chompers? honestly!

This is Ozzie.  Don't you love his little baby face!? I would kiss him if he wasnt to smelly and snotty!

No wonder Oliver loved them...look at those faces!  Heee Haw!

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